Images come to me for their mouth feel, their cottony plushness, off-kilter semantics, semiotic vacuums, dark stories.

Sometimes I take the images on my camera phone, other times I find the images through google searches. It does not matter where they come from, because I’m receiving them through the same means and putting them into paint. Taking them out of context in this way allows me to inject them with my personal dynamism, forming a narrative.

The paintings become a blink back in time, a quick capture, to say I was here, I saw this. Here it is in an antiquated fashion of documentation. There is a feeling of overwhelm about this way of working, and that’s what keeps me working- there are many moments to capture.

Born in 1985 in Providence RI, she grew up in Stonington, CT in a family of artists. She received her BFA from MICA in Baltimore in 2007, attended SMFA Boston for one year in 2009 and has participated in residencies in Vermont, Iceland, Finland, and Bulgaria. She lived and worked in Bergen, Norway at Bergen Assembly before moving to Brooklyn, NY.

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